About Us

Houndsy reimagines pet utility products to be more convenient, durable and beautiful


"My co-founder and I were frustrated with how unnecessarily complex it is to feed dogs. Typically, you need to walk to your bag of kibble or container, scoop out the right serving of kibble, walk over to your dog's food bowl, and bend all the way down to feed your dog kibble--potentially spilling some in the process. In addition, exposed kibble bags and dog bowls can be an eyesore in your home. We sought to make it more convenient to feed your dogs and enhance your home decor."

Luke Wilson, Co-Founder, Houndsy

Our Team

Pavan Bapu, CEO

Creativepreneur and growth marketing leader who has scaled SaaS and hardware companies.

Luke Wilson, COO

Design engineer, avid maker, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in manufacturing and delivering physical products on a global scale.

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