Houndsy Kibble Dispenser

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A mid-century modern dog kibble storage and dispenser system.



  • Dispenses perfect portions every time
  • No more back pain, no more bending over to pour kibble
  • Stores up to 30 lbs. of dog food
  • BPA free, plastic bin that keeps your food fresh & safe
  • Beautiful, mid-century modern design


  • Bowl
    3.5” or 8" off the ground
  • Height
    24" (standard) or 28" (elevated)
  • Width
    12 in.
  • Depth
    12 in.
Serve Perfect Portions

We've engineered the product to ensure you get perfect portions every time to maintain a consistent diet for your dogs. When you crank the handle, it will completely fill the serving size bowl you place in the drawer.

Keeps Kibble Fresh & Safe

Our BPA-free, plastic storage liner helps keep your kibble fresh and safe from pests and moisture. In addition, we have gaskets at the top and bottom of the storage compartment to help keep your food airtight.

Up to 30lbs. of kibble

The storage bin can store up to a large, 30 lbs. bag of kibble.

Saves Your Back

With the lever reachable at nearly standing height, you no longer need to completely bend down to feed your dogs--saving your back from strain and injury.

Locking Mechanism

To pull the lever you have to slightly lift it for it to travel, creating an auto-locking mechanism that will mitigate unintentional servings from your clever dogs and toddlers.

Mid-Century Modern Design

The kibble dispenser has clean,  simple lines and beautifully fuses wood, plastic, and metal to produce a statement piece in your home.

Design & Manufacturing

We integrated the mechanical components into a mid-century modern form factor made of furniture-grade, European beechwood with a rich, walnut stain. We miter-folded the box to create a sleek aesthetic with no visible seams. The end result blurs the line between form and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Kibble Dispenser safely store dog food?
    Inside the Kibble Dispenser is a BPA-free, plastic storage bin that safely stores your kibble.
  • My dog is pretty smart. Won’t they just learn how to feed themselves?
    To pull the lever you have to slightly lift it for it to travel, creating an auto-locking mechanism that will mitigate unintentional servings from your clever dogs.
  • Can I use the kibble dispenser for my cats?
    While the Kibble Dispenser was designed for dog food, it should be able to dispense just about any dry kibble you can put in it!
  • How do I clean the inside storage bin?
    When the unit is empty, the inside of the unit can be cleaned by removing the lid and reaching into the unit.   Apply a pet safe cleaning solution to a paper towel or rag and wipe the walls of the units to clean.   Allow to air dry before refilling with food.
  • What serving sizes does this support?  Will you offer smaller or larger serving size bowls?
    Houndsy currently offers bowls in the following sizes: ½ cup, ¾ cup, 1 cup, 1 ½ cups, 2 cups, 2 ½ cups, 3 cups, and 4 cups.
  • What kind of dog food does this support?
    The Kibble Dispenser has been tested with a wide variety of dry dog foods. The unit is rated to store and dispense most major dry dog food brands. If you have oversized or odd-shaped kibble, please email hello@houndsy.com with your kibble brand, and we'll confirm if it's compatible.
  • Is this patented?
    Yes, we have filed for patent protection. We are currently patent-pending.

Customer Reviews

Based on 35 reviews
Brandt (Middleville, US)
Wonderful Craftsmanship

We ordered one of these in early November and received it on 1/17/23. Once it finally shipped, it arrived the next day. It was packed well and was easily assembled. It's very well made and easy to use. As advertised! It's a nice piece to have in any room. Looks great AND functional. It operates flawlessly. Very nice product. Here's our sweet Colby next to his new feeder. He approves as well.

Barbara Leonard (Lincoln City, US)
Abikas’ favorite feeder

My GSD was a problem eater. She would skip a meal every so often. When she got her Houndsy she wants seconds. Same food go figure. It’s made well and looks good too! Easy to assemble.

mheneghan (Decatur, US)

So sleek, so stylish, so cool!

Adam (Richmond, US)
Best thing since sliced bread

I absolutely am I love with your product! It’s beautifully finished, it’s the perfect size, it’s super convenient and easy to set up and even easier to use! My dogs love it. The window is great. Like I don’t know what else to say besides now I need a matching water bowl to go beside it. But I’m sure y’all are working on that! Happy new year

Excellent Dispenser

I do believe that this is one of the best dispensers in the market just a bit pricy, but it's worth the money. Due to the fact that it is built to last and out leave the pet. Well done folks for creating such a product.