Houndsy Kibble Dispenser

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A mid-century modern dog kibble storage and dispenser system.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the Kibble Dispenser keep my dog food fresh and safe from pests?
    Our BPA-free, plastic storage liner helps keep your kibble fresh and safe from pests and moisture. In addition, we have gaskets at the top and bottom of the storage compartment to help keep your food airtight.
  • My dog is pretty smart. Won’t they just learn how to feed themselves?
    To pull the lever you have to slightly lift it for it to travel, creating an auto-locking mechanism that will mitigate unintentional servings from your clever dogs.
  • Can I use the kibble dispenser for my cats?
    While the Kibble Dispenser was designed for dog food, it should be able to dispense just about any dry kibble you can put in it!
  • How do I clean the inside storage bin?
    When the unit is empty, the inside of the unit can be cleaned by removing the lid and reaching into the unit.   Apply a pet safe cleaning solution to a paper towel or rag and wipe the walls of the units to clean.   Allow to air dry before refilling with food.
  • What serving sizes does this support?  Will you offer smaller or larger serving size bowls?
     Houndsy currently offers bowls in the following sizes: 1 cup, 1 ½ cups, 2 cups, 2 ½ cups, 3 cups, and 4 cups. We intend to expand this range in the future, including options like slow feeder bowls.
  • What kind of dog food does this support?
    The Kibble Dispenser has been tested with a wide variety of dry dog foods. The unit is rated to store and dispense all major dry dog food brands.
  • Is this patented?
    Yes, we have filed for patent protection. We are currently patent-pending.